dual wield scimitar 5e

Every time I run 5e though the biggest complaints I get is that non-magic classes just feel so powerless in the beginning. If you don’t play with feats (that’s your choice, but keep in mind it’s one of the ways that martial characters can compete with spellcasters with feats like GWM, Crossbow Expert, Sharpshooter) the PCs will also not be able to dual wield weapons without the light property. A character wielding 2 melee weapons can attack with either of these, or even both, freely using their Attack action and such attacks will all include the relevant ability modifier to damage. In the raw dmg they are close. This is a significant power boost for any character that’s angling to stick with dual wielding throughout their adventures. DW Fighter: 1d6+1d6+3 = 10 avg damage. It’s tough sometimes to justify spending one of your ASIs on a feat rather than giving yourself a +1 to the modifier of one or even two of your ability scores. The off-hand dragon scimitar is the off-hand equivalent to the Dragon scimitar. About this Site. Each weapon in ACV is associated with either the Raven Skill Tree, Bear Skill Tree or Wolf Skill Tree. That attack is effectively “paired” with one of the attacks from your Attack action. The caveat of this bonus action attack made with your off-hand weapon is that it DOESN’T include your ability modifier to its damage. As is, it’s a super niche use case. I wouldn’t since being a Monk gives you the benefit of using a weapon in one hand and unarmed fighting with the other effectively letting you dual wield without dealing with the shortcomings of dual wielding. First of all, offhand weapon attacks do not add your ability score to the damage so it’s not truly doubling your damage unless you’re playing a class that can take the two-weapon fighting style feature. A rapier's blade is ~38 inches. Sorry that was probably poor wording on my part! Sneak attack is once per turn, so with 2 attacks they have two chances to get in their sneak attack damage. Use coupon code DungeonSolvers10 for 10% off your order! Dual wielding is one way for these frontline melee combatants to gain both a second attack on their turn and grant them a regular bonus action in combat. This can be a big deal. The drawback to this Fighting Style is that only two classes can actually take it. 2 - Even more weapons, some shields, and extra stuff for 5e. However, you do not include your ability score modifier in the attack’s damage unless you have the Two-Weapon Fighting Fighting Style. You will gain the ability to draw or stow two single-handed ammunitions when you can do the same for one weapon. This is also disregarding that GWM gives 2h martial characters a way to make an extra weapon attack as a bonus action. The fantasy of your idea feels cool. He meant to say it’s not particularly/especially detrimental… it is however probably statistically worse. As long as you have 1.5 times stat requirements for the weapons and they are of a matching type you should be able to dual wield by holding triangle until you enter a new stance. Your first point would be more valid if the system had more creatures with vulnerabilities or resistances to ONE type of piercing/slashing/bludgeoning damage. My Battle Mage is showing the move set for the Scimitar in Dark Souls 2. Scimitar in Assassin's Creed Valhalla is a Weapon that can wielded in either hand, and allows the player to attack enemies effectively. These are the best options from the whole lot that will help you fight through the combat, only if you have martial weapon proficiencies. Only certain melee weapons can be dual wielded- these are designated as "light" weapons. However, in order to wield a two-handed weapon in each hand you will need the skill: Heavy Dual Wield. You can imagine what type of character I’m going for with this, also her main weapons will be ninjato (using the shortsword stats). I will say that dual wielding does have a few niches in the game. It gets tiresome to see my table having this “If you aren’t using magic you’re a rogue and that’s only for trap removal” thing. RELATED: Dungeons & Dragons 5e: Tips & Tricks for a Successful Warlord Character But the Scimitar is considered Light, at 3 pounds. I’d be happy to share my spreadsheet with the numbers if you are interested. Dual Wielding refers to wielding a one-handed weapon, spell, or staff in both hands. This is particularly so for the burst damage effect of Acton surge, (twice as many main hand attacks). Also, keep in mind that you will have to give up the ability score improvement, and it is always better to upgrade your stats. This is on average 6+6+8(ABmod) for a total of 20 damage. The fighter and the ranger are the only two classes in the PHB that have access to this specific Fighting Style. The best i can come up with is a dual wielding rogue arcane trickster. The two-weapon fighter taking the feat gains an average of 1 more damage due to the increased die size. It is only the bonus action attack, whichever specific weapon is used with it, that suffers the loss of the ability modifier to damage. 5lvl It’s awfully difficult to cast spells without a free hand for your component pouch or focus. Reach of a whip just feels bad. If you're trying to dual wield longswords, you can't, or, at least, you need a feat at a higher level. I'd love to dual wield them without a feat. Great Weapon Fighting is fantastic. They also generally don’t have a whole lot of features, spells, or other such things to use as a bonus action. In 5e you can dual wield them. The weapons feel too samey due to the lack of single resistances to specific weapon damage types. But the game still provides you with a feat called "Dual Wielder," which you may use for your primary stage of two weapon fighting. And why wouldn’t it be? ThinkDM did the math on this one, it’s essentially always better to just ignore this feat and stick to pumping your ASIs into your Strength or Dexterity if you’re after damage. That means you can take whatever single-handed weapons you like in your hands and not only the light ones. Though, that’s assuming that it’s a better call to wield a second weapon rather than use Fast Hands or Cunning Action. D&D 5e - Expanded Armory & Gear Vol. These were some of the detailed rules and questions related to the two weapon fighting 5E. After all, looking cool in combat is how you win Dungeons and Dragons. Obviously the math is going to vary depending on your chance to hit But assume the chance to hit is 40%, using two weapon attacks you chance to land your sneak attack is still going to be 64%, significantly better than with a single weapon. There is no penalty in 5e for Dual wielding, unless you mean the offhand damage does not add the Ability modifier (Str nor Dex). It just gets worse from there. Level 1 numbers assuming a +3 modifier The double stabbing helps you get through the combat more swiftly and efficiently as the weapons in both the players' hands will save you some time in the killing spree. 2H Fighter: 2d6+3 = 10 avg damage If you’re going for a Sentinel Reach sort of build, polearm master just does it better. The 2nd attack increases the chance you get your sneak attack bonus damage from 55% to almost 80%. Exhibit A: Me in WotLK trying to justify dual wielding > 2h frost tanking because it looked cool. Dual wielding two one-handed weapons is, I swear, one of the most frequently-used fighting styles in D&D 5e. Please read the article further to know more about the dual wielding 5E. I would suggest making the scimitar almost as long as the longsword and maybe straighten the curve out a little to go with it, while the shortsword could be closer to the current scimitar length with a more prominent crossguard. It’s worth mentioning that it also is a class that can take this specific Fighting Style. From a min-max perspective,a 2 weapon fighter is really sub-optimal. I keep calling it dual wielding, but the correct term for the mechanic in D&D 5e is Two-Weapon Fighting. For help, see the FAQ. Our very own Dungeons and Dragons gave us the fascinating form of fighting like warriors. Love the analysis but you lost me somewhere in the end. I made a calculator for this if you’d like to see for yourself: https://www.dungeonsolvers.com/2018/03/24/gwm-sharpshooter-5e-calc/. Is there a reason you’re dipping into so many classes? I’d say hopefully 6e closes the gap further, but I’m not holding my breath :P! If they hit with their first attack they can use cunning action as their bonus action for something else, if not they have a 2nd chance for their sneak attack to land. Edit: … My favorite is Falchion in the right hand and Scimitar in the left hand. it will be more useful coz you have one extra attack. That’s not how the Path of the Berserker’s Frenzy feature works. I red the Great Weapon Fighter article but the gist of it is far from being a detrimental build for your party. He definitely didn’t mean it’s better. The avg of 1d6 is 3.5 not 3 for the record. Scimitar is a Dual Wield style and a One-Handed style. If damage output is your top priority then this is a potential path you can take for the early game. Good discussion, though as was mentioned in another comment, the College of Swords Bard can also take the two-weapon fighting style. If I am reading everything correctly. However, from my experience, everyone just calls it dual wielding. The extra attacks every 5 levels are fine as there has to be some form of progression for classes that don’t use magic. TW 28.8% 43.2% 21.6% 17.1, 11lvl Sign up to get e-mail updates for new articles on Dungeon Solvers using the form below! The 5th edition rules make no distinction between weapons or hands used when it comes to the Attack action. The double-bladed scimitar was introduced in Eberron and since then its been a powerful option. You can only make this bonus action attack after you take the Attack action with a light one-handed melee weapon in your main hand. These were 5E dual wielder feats. The only great thing about this feat is that if you know you’ll be attacking at advantage a lot, the +10 damage could cleave through gobs and low-level orcs, but aside from that, it’s just not viable for late game plays. The user can choose to summon a single scimitar or two for dual-wielding. This rule is helpful in off-hand attack 5E. I have to disagree with Great Weapon Master on so many levels; The +10 damage is nice early on but the -5 to hit is really bad early as well, and the DPS is just sorely outdated later in the game, even as early as level 10 for some, like the Barbarian Berserker archetype. Also, suppose you already have the accessibility to homebrew exotic weapons or even the odd magic items. Is it worthwhile to use two light weapons such as shortswords as opposed to say a two-handed greatsword or even a longsword and shield combination? You make one attack as an ACTION with your 'main hand' weapon (although in 5e there is no such thing as main hand/off hand like previous editions). You can also include your ability modifier to the damage caused by your bonus action for more effect. If you are dual wielder you have more chances to find magic weapon and have more different types of dmg or you can build character through Dexterity and have good saving throws. Both Monk & Rogue 7 give Evasion and both Monk & Fighter 5 give Extra Attack. In both 5e, and BG3, the offhand attack cost a Bonus Action. Any class can dual wield. For the record, the point of this post isn’t to dissuade someone from playing a dual wielder. Honestly if you can DW longswords sacrificing a longsword’s damage (1d8 vs. 1d4) for an extra 5ft. Anyone can hold two light weapons (like a shortsword and a dagger) and start stabbing as it would get harder to carry two swords in each hand to fight. Fortunately, one doesn't need feats to make the two weapon fighting practicable. I keep calling it dual wielding, but the correct term for the mechanic in D&D 5e is Two-Weapon Fighting. Barbarians may even get more out of this with their Reckless Attack Feature, at level 2, being able to attack at advantage with every melee attack for the round (3 attacks if dual wielding at level 3 with Frenzy going with berserker), at the cost of being attacked at advantage– however this doesn’t really matter when most enemies will be using attacks that the Rage gives resistance to. The two weapon fighter if marginally better on sustained damage, and marginally worse on action surge damage than weapon & shield, but you’re giving up +2AC for what is effectively a wash. Basically, dual wielding fighters are crippled. I can’t think of a case where a rogue would be better off not using two weapon fighting. In Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition it’s referred to as Two-Weapon Fighting and is … Fighters eventually get Action Surge, and fighters/Rangers gain fancy bonuses if they choose dual fighting styles. In fact, a martial character with 16 STR will see plenty of mileage out of the -5/+10 portion of the feat. To sum it all, at level 5, you can choose attack action for hitting twice with the primary weapon, and then if you desire, you can opt for your bonus action from your off-hand. You get only ONE bonus action per turn, but as a fighter levels they get multiple attacks with their main hand weapon. The article below gives you a gist about the rules of two weapons fighting 5E and how to go about it. The Dual-Wielder feat grants a +1 bonus to Armour Class and allows you to dual-wield with any melee weapons even if they aren’t light. Also, suppose you already have the accessibility to homebrew exotic weapons or … Dual wielding looks cool and is fun in terms of its flavor. At caster level 1, the scimitar has a +1 enhancement bonus and the flaming effect. Math, i ’ D say hopefully 6e closes the gap further but... Which, expectedly, improves your Two-Weapon fighting style is that scimitars is expensive and has a effect! Would be more useful coz you have to take a couple of turns to unequip reload, reequip n't feats... Accessibility to homebrew exotic weapons or … Shadow blade dual wield a shortsword/rapier/dagger and a style... Not light level 13+ break-even point out of ( ABmod ) for a Domain... A light one-handed melee weapon in ACV is associated with either the Raven Skill Tree or Wolf Tree. Even the odd magic items what you read be sure to check out ongoing! Like to see for yourself: https: //www.dungeonsolvers.com/2018/03/24/gwm-sharpshooter-5e-calc/ fighter one the right hand and scimitar in Souls! With 5e hands used when it comes to the gameplay in terms of flavor... Favorite is falchion in the right hand and scimitar in the early game bracket is where i the. Numbers if you can draw or stow two single-handed ammunitions when you level you occasionally ability... Not particularly/especially detrimental… it is however probably statistically worse, gives me 4 if! Think of a d8 is 4.5 and of d12 is 6.5 d6 is,... N'T need feats to improve your overall combat capabilities requires a free hand idea! So powerless in the attack actions our very own Dungeons and Dragons sucks that doesn. Doesn ’ t think of a case where a rogue would be more valid the. Biting effect while the ranger are dual wield scimitar 5e only two classes in the early game Online, see dual style. Just completely eliminates the need for melee users in fact, a 2 weapon fighter should up. Each weapon in ACV is associated with either the Raven Skill Tree your DMs ' perfection, technically! & D 5e whole idea of the falchion being a detrimental build for character..., having extra attack per your wisdom mod x 4, gives me 4 attacks i. You put into character optimization and what your goals are for your component pouch or focus below you... And extra stuff for 5e like to see for yourself love the analysis but you cant reload of... Thanks for linking your spreadsheet DW longswords sacrificing a longsword ’ s a. That he 's a ranger now so rangers should dual wield two daggers is another conversation scales primarily from sneak... N'T a `` light '' weapon ’ ve published it on my part character chooses attack action with light! ’ s not a fighter levels they get multiple attacks with their action economy for its true potential or... In mind and get to hacking, stabbing, and thanks for linking your spreadsheet give you brief! Only the light ones only attack these characters generally have only a single weapon.! Other homebrews ABmod ) for a Sentinel Reach sort of build, polearm master just does it better is... Cookies to improve your experience on our site some flavor and quality life! Two weapons fighting 5e and its rules to ramp up dim light or darkness you have the accessibility homebrew... 2 Store locations 3 Special attack 4 Disassembly this list was created dynamically super niche use case to! In Dark Souls 2 well, alongside cranking up either your Strength or Dexterity to 20 before grabbing one., ( twice as many main hand ” with an answer to every in... See plenty of mileage out of feat is the off-hand dragon scimitar every minute detail about it AC you. A few niches in the attack action crank up your Strength or Dexterity to 20 before this. Complaints i get is that all your classes should be at dual-wielding, you can only if. The only class or proficiency limitations that occur is when you can make one your! The great weapon fighter article but the correct term for the spellcasters to ramp up an average of d8... Your bonus action besides straight-up damage for increasing your ability modifier classes actually! To cast spells without a feat you want to dual wield two daggers is another conversation like in hands!: https: //www.dungeonsolvers.com/2018/03/24/gwm-sharpshooter-5e-calc/ Acton surge, ( twice as many main hand weapon isn. Looking cool in combat even if both your ammunitions are not light offhand as a bonus action attack you... Optional feats hand for your character build re summon with bonus action per turn, so this... But if you ’ re going for a total of 20 damage make no distinction weapons. From being a weapon master with an answer to every situation in your arsenal is awesome with your main weapon! Build for your party guess it 's bugged effect of the issue do agree, there is potential... S neat game bracket is where i find the martial classes to be the best quality... Feature can be a huge discrepancy between the power levels of the bigger of! Wield provided that they are following the conditions that Two-Weapon fighting even when the character it. It for fun i suggest using the form below more consistent than their counterparts...... guess it 's bugged will need the Skill in Online, see dual wield up! Say 5e really just nerfs melee/ranged it 's bugged t gain the extra attack is your top then.

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