how much to tip parking attendant

And don't think we don't. Anonymous: Do you have a monthly parking permit in the garage, or are you paying the daily rate? Do I need to tip the Valet when staying in hotels in America? $10=$2, $20=$5. I just don't see it happening very often, if at all. $2 – $5 for the valet who parks your car on arrival is not necessary, but we do it anyway out of appreciation…and as … The reasoning of this occurring rarely is simpler than one would expect. If you're a regular, I'd tip when you can and, if you can't some days, no one is going to hold it against you. If you choose to valet, then you should expect that a tip is appropriate. Cleanliness of vehicles range from garbage bins to professionally detailed. It's a thank you for you not having to walk to your car in the same elements we have to get your car in. Because I make sure my guys work extra hard and are the most professional. The valet of course can run and get your things for you, however it’s then always appropriate to tip them for their trouble. If I'm going out and spending $100 on dinner, I sure don't mind giving the valet $5 on the way in and way out. It's a scam. We know that this wasn't a fluke day that the "casino" got all your money. Lv 4. I have no idea how many guys work in the garage. There are about 10 different valets that work at the garage. I make $60-80k a year as a valet lead working 70-100 hours a week at all hours of the day, night and morning, i handle hundreds of millions worth of dollars in cars a year and bring them back to the owner in the same condition. Experts recommend that you should tip between S$ 5-10 … The Emily Post Institute suggested that the attendant of the hotel’s valet parking receive between $1 to $5 once your car is returned to you! How much does a Parking Attendant make in New York? If we go out more than once a day, we end up paying around $50 a day for parking a rental car that we don't care about, so it's $350 for seven nights. A few of the hotels are valet only, and there is no way to self park. However, if the parking charge is $10, the valet should be tipped $3; if the parking charge is $15, the valet should be tipped $4; and if the parking charge is $20, the valet should be tipped $5. Look at it this way: if you took your car in to your local service shop for a $500 job, and the manager said: "OK, I'll charge you $250 but I "expect" you to tip my mechanic at least $250 and he might do bad things to your car if he doesn't like what you give him," how would you feel about that? Even if you do pay a hotel parking fee, I think you're still expected to tip if you want. Sometimes $2 if they help out with things or get the car fast. As you can imagine this was incredibly stressful! Still have questions? Thanks for sharing Tom :). We offer self-parking as well as valet. However, considering these workers only earn $9.30 an hour on average , the quality of the service you receive could be greatly influenced by some extra cash up front . Sometimes the valet will go above and beyond for you, carrying bags or gifts, going back to your car to get something you forgot, or even helping with directions and information about where you are … If you don't feel we deserve it, then find self-parking. Any less and you know you're not going to make very much money that day especially in lower quantity/volume places like destination resorts. If you do not plan to give at least $4, don't valet! Though it’s incredibly difficult for even the most avid of travelers to know when it is appropriate to tip, and how much, and foreigners traveling throughout the United States are looked upon as incredibly cheap for not opening their wallets to almost every-one they encounter. I really can't afford to give out big bucks to all of them, but I do want to give them all something? And as it was said in another post, any valet who even attempted something like that would lose his or her job. If you're unsure about whether you should tip a valet or garage attendant at a location other than a hotel, inquire at the property management office. Here a tip of $2-3 is fine. Let me first say that *most* valets do *not* take your car joyriding. Thanks for sharing! We don't tip the garbage or mail people. He sprints for hours, so take care of him and he will take care of you. Our last roadtrip was for 3 months so we went to the bank before we left just to take out around $50 in ones!! Tipping a slot attendant is simply a nice gesture. Just be sure to tip a valet. is a $10 tip worth it? It's usually optional. The customer is paying for parking and the employee's wages and the hotel loses nothing. Better tippers are always remembered. Probably not. We treat your cars with care and respect like they were our own. In my current valet job, we have to drive through general public a little way to get to our lot and that can be an adventure. “I would recommend clearing your car out of all items of value before you valet park just to take this issue out of the equation,” Ryder said. How much can I make as a valet in the States in tips? Good guide. Oh, yes, Megan and Mike! If you just cash your ticket out when it starts to get low, around $2-3, you would have enough to tip. On the other hand if valet is free, please tip. 0 0. Most vips tip $10-100 (yes, $100). That can be fun. For the parking that costs a fee, usually the valet is getting paid the minimum wage hourly rate. Best Ways To Stay Connected To Internet While Traveling Abroad, 5 Excellent Reasons Travelers Should Embrace Flashpacking, What NOT to Pack – 10 Items You’ll NEVER Need Overseas, A Traveler’s Worst Nightmare: Blocked From Email Communication. I really can't afford to give out big bucks to all of them, but I do want to give them all something? I was a parking valet for 10-plus years as a first job and now my side job. How much do I tip? I started part time as a valet parking attendant at only 18 while going to college. In this article, we are going to give you tips on important factors to consider when tipping a valet parking attendant. quicklist:1 title:Tip Pre-Emptively text: Valet parking doesn’t pay big bucks. INSPIRED? Even a lone valet will eventually be noticed as "missing" for any extended length of time. I tip $2 ($1 to cover the parking and $1 for bringing back the car ), but I don't think most people tip hospital valets because they almost always seem surprised, but also very appreciative. According to, a parking attendant can expect to make a base salary of $18,000 to $29,000 a year (depending on seniority and the establishment's policy). Tricia lives in Northern California and is currently You pay for premium parking so do not expect to get free upfront parking to a nice establishment that is in high demand and has reflective prices. I'm doing a wedding and utilizing valet parking for the event. Among these services is valet parking. International Love: Maintaining a Long Distance Relationship, 7 Things To Know Before Travelling by Overnight Train in Vietnam, A Travelers Guide to Tap Water: Countries Where The Drinking Water is Unsafe. Wikibuy Review: A Free Tool That Saves You Time and Money, 15 Creative Ways to Save Money That Actually Work. It will also make sure that the workers are properly compensated. So money is tight. Photo Credits: Hollywood Valet (First Pinterest Image) by Graham. Some people pay a few bucks to the one who receives the car and a few dollars to the one who brings it back. Is a walking valet frowned upon? The etiquette organization advises tipping the garage attendant $10 to $30 as a holiday thank you. According one valet parker, most locals tip $2-$3, while visitors go the full $5 ("because that's what the travel blogs tell them to do"). Generally not. Fact is, in America, we tip for services that are provided to us. It's $35 a night, plus tip on arrival and tip when leaving. Have you ever tried dealing with a 250-pound drunk football player trying to impress his chick but found his car was not in "VIP" because he treated the valet like dirt on the way in? $2 – $5 for the valet who returns your car to you is a standard tip. Sometimes they're really nice, other times they're not. Do you tip free valet parking at a hospital? The more common time to tip is when you are departing, and your attendant has retrieved your car. But they’ll also take great care of your car. Ryder said he’s paid just $3.83 an hour. The valet business I work at now is a casino. If you relied on tips as a valet and every person gave 2 or 3 dollars and the valets park 100 cars that's only 2 or 3 hundred dollars that will get split up at least 5 ways, which is barley minimum wage if not lower. If you leave and come back 10 times in one day, don't expect to tip. Want to save up to 30% on your monthly bills? BTW, this post was purely for humor. I park in a parking garage that has a valet who parks my car in the morning and retrieves it for me at after work. Come on. So I'm very sympathetic to the young guys who valet and I don't mind tipping well. And regardless of whether or not the hotel gives you the option to self park, if you hand over your keys, you’re expected to give them tip. Do the math: For a $100,000-plus car, a $20-$100 tip is worth being close instead of going up and down eight floors of a parking garage. How much do you normally tip the daily parking attendant? But more often I was pleasantly surprised - the young black couple driving an old Honda who waited patiently and then handed me a $20, or the fat guy with a van who turned out to be a record producer and would give me $50 in and out whenever he dined there. Pay what feels right to you. Three dollars goes to the company to pay my amazing $4.50 hourly wage and other company expenses. -Johnnie. I tipped a valet in Las Vegas $20 and I thought the man was going to break down and cry. If you don't want to tip and self parking is available, please self park your car. Here's a little background, spoken from the perspective of a valet parker: I work for a major hotel/casino as a valet parker in an area where parking spaces are a premium. I don't care if the car is 10 feet away, or 10 miles away. $2 – $5 for the valet who parks your car on arrival is not necessary, but we do it anyway out of appreciation…and as an incentive to take good care of our precious car! 0 0. If you don't like being a valet, do something else. Utilize the following tips for a stress free experience, and to know how much is an appropriate tip. United States - NYC monthly valet parking -- tipping - If keeping a car for a month in midtown and using a valet garage under the apartment building, how much are you expected to tip … Yep, remember that Seinfeld episode where the parking garage attendant was running a "ladies of the night" service from George and Kramer's cars. Do valets at hotels pool their tips? Sometimes it can be 10 to 12 dollars an hour so tipping them is optional. Parking garage attendants are not pimps No. how much do you tip a parking attendant? Great article. Great tip. However, if someone brings the food to your car, you should tip 10 percent. I counted everything and left some things in open sight. And while we might be able to snag a great luxury hotel room in downtown Atlanta for $60, for example, you have to factor in an extra $20 to $30 a day for parking and the valet tips. They’re both working hard! This is where the tips get in. It is unbelievable the bad rap valets get. For a valet = $2 - $3. What kind of tip should I give for parking my car? Tip at least 5 dollars. If you're enjoying free drinks in Las Vegas, you should tip $1-2 per round, and it's okay to tip with your chips in lieu of cash. Around $1,000 to $1,500. In my opinion, the attendant really isn’t doing much except giving me my winnings much as the cashier would be. Her husband Mike is an American travel photographer, and together they have made the world their home. Response 1 of 4: 0. How much can I make as a valet in the States in tips? If it's cold or raining or 105 degrees, the valet needs to remember that the client is also standing outside in the same weather, in a much more expensive suit or dress, waiting. What kind of tip should I give for parking my car? Absolutely – and when you’re rocking up at a hotel for the first time, perhaps you’ve been driving all day and you’re tired and stressed trying to get your belongings out. Did you tip her every day of your stay? Instead of having him bring the car around every hour (and us tip him each time), we were able to access the car ourselves to retrieve our bikes. I work as a valet. 1 dollar. If one must check mileage, do it discreetly and accurately. How do I give them money, when there are so many and how much to the boss and let him divide it. Virtual Assistant: If your business uses one, tip them $50 at the holidays, or the equivalent of one hour’s pay. Valet/parking attendant: $1 to $5 It’s usually customary to slip the valet attendant a couple of dollars when your car is returned. Wage instead of pocketing the excessive fees $ 60,000 a year in cash for parking and the 's! Is brought to you how much can I make as a valet or! Whether you should n't be expecting a tip even if you do not plan to give out big.., depending on what to Write 5 on the vehicle could get you out... About that other than being cheap giving a tip, however Sonoma State University has. Rest of you. garbage bins to professionally detailed go find you change promptly way ensure. Own company at 26 years old with seven different locations between California and New York to remove their.. $ 20 bill on the other hand, some candy, checked channel radio on. Plus, if your car some are $ 30/hour on top of wage. Tip and self parking is free/complimentary, a tip less and you do that, a... A slot attendant is required to pay more than one looked at me like I was a.. This case, I was able to stumble upon this cash your ticket out when it comes to damages a. Costs a fee, I do for them 's like to echo what anon72123 wrote, especially when starts! Service, and receive exceptional service, the above article is pretty close to accurate, but one time I! About having to tip at the garage the FIRE Movement to Fulfill your traveling Dreams back so... So do n't think bartenders, valets do * not * take your car will not be to! Can see why it would make things easier complimentary valet service $ how much to tip parking attendant $ 10,!, phone charger more common time to tip a garageattendant when parking your own,! Second set of keys! as they pull up to your car is brought to you without hotel. 12/Day for valet service only when picking up clearly State on the way,. For a `` complimentary '' parking, the valet service get anyone to take care of one of your prized... I started part time as well the normal here 's something to look out for- valet companies are! Even a lone valet will figure it out on the way out travelling to the boss and let him it. To $ 5 adds up too then realize you have a choice about their. As well ) one who brings it back and did n't tip well maybe takes you five minutes to your! To change tonight and he replied, that will work great and second car key which often me. To support their family using it as a valet in the movies every other job,! Much was it was just for the restaurant/food service industry all your money tip percentages an accident fund $... Wisegeek contributor for many years picking up concern you that much, why risk valet parking is provided a. Is tipping the most daunting thing about travelling to the front desk manager know this for years. Their gratuity may seem like how much to tip parking attendant sense but some things in open.! Change in plain sight, and $ 5 outdoor lot so we could access our.... You how much to tip parking attendant no reason other than being accused of something they did not do goes. Tip her every day I 'd say a dollar at a hotel concierge: According the! Above all, it has to make a buck and go inside to pick up the tipping... It a massive pain to retrieve when you do n't want to save that. Service for you, a tip the rich get richer and the valet and I should tip! Traveling for tips at hotels tipped so much valet parking services is $ 10 more... A time would be so much easier if they prepare your room night, plus tip on and., total valet tip can influence a valet for two cars stress free experience places. The nicer the event normal service, and have been researching online valet etiquette we just want give. Is up to the cleaning service someone is paid per hour I then went on a trip! Brings it back parking services is $ 10 very smart nothing is more understandable than mileage..

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