ECS (Emily’s Career Studies) is one of the leading Institute preparing candidates for SSC, Bank, Civil Service,PSC ,RAILWAY and LL.B Entrance Examinations at three levels. (i) Preliminary (Civil Service), Tier 1 – (SSC), Phase I (BANK), (ii)  Mains (Civil Service), Tier – II (SSC), Phase II (BANK) and (iii) Personal Test. The Institute was established rond memory of Late. Emily the mother of the founder and Director of ECS Ms. Anitha Sharon on 4th December 2013 at Trivandrum, Kerala with 2 students and 3 faculties a vision to provide quality career guidance and coaching. The teaching faculty of the Institute has been drawn from highly qualified and experienced teachers.

Director’s Message

Dear Students,
“A dream doesn’t becomes reality through magic; it takes sweat, Determination and Hard work”
Competitive exams can seem daunting but if you employ smart strategies to prepare for the exam, the process can be much more manageable. Learning general tips for studying relaxation and keeping healthy will also help you prepare for your test holistically.
Having a plan and staying consistent in studying and doing targeted practice are going to be key for success a competitive exams.
In order to year up for taking a competitive test, you should carve out room in your schedule for you to study regularly.

Stay focused on your outline

The stress that comes from studying for competitive tests can be over whelming at times because of the amount that you have to study make sure to combat that stress by concentrating on studying one lesson at a time. Remind yourself that you have to go through this test preparation one step at a time, and don’t let yourself worry about mastering the whole, test in a short period of time.
Do not try to learn everything at once; cramming will not help you deeply understand the content you are learning.

We exist to serve you with the best and you should believe in our services so that we can provide you with a successful future.

Remove distraction while you study

One way to make the practice of studying most manageable is if you set up a routine of removing all distractions from your study space. We emphasize an individual effort while in fact, paves the way that leads to success our curriculum provides students charge to appear in competitive exam, with confidence, we help you learn how to analyses and image solution to subject problem. And when you are finished with that we help you to objectively evaluate your result and mirror it for you to see yourself, how for you need to go and how much more hard work you need to do.
At ECS, we are committed to provide you the best facilities whether it is the classroom atmosphere, the quality teaching, the study material, the test series or the guidance and information.