UPSC Assistant Labour Commissioner Exam Syllabus Study Material

1. Labour Welfare.
2. Social Work and Social Security Laws.
3. Industrial Relations.
4. Human Resource development.
5. Principles of Natural Justice.
6. Trade Union Act.
7. Trade Union Movement.
8. Labour Laws.
a. Industrial Disputes Act, 1947.
b. Payment of Wages Act, 1936.
c. Minimum Wages Act, 1948
d. Contract Labour (Regulation & Abolition) Act, 1970.
e. Child Labour (P & R) Act, 1986.
f. Payment of Gratuity Act, 1972.
g. Building & Other Construction Workers (RE & CS) Act, 1996.
9. Current Events.
10. Constitution of India.
11. General Mental Ability.

Next UPSC ALC exam is expected to be held in late 2018 or early 2019. It is expected that the number of seats in next exam will be approx 20-25.
Before jumping to How Human Peritus will support you in cracking UPSC ALC exam, let us spend few minutes in understanding nature of this exam based on 2017 and 2015 exams:

(1) Labour Acts: In Nov 2017 exam, Out of total 120 questions, 67 questions were from 14-15 Labour Acts. In 2015 exam, this number was 45. It is most annoying to remember each line of these acts, considering the language in which they are usually written. But this is deal breaker section. You can score very high, because there is nothing conceptual. You just have to remember, what is written. No thinking to be done. To make it easier, our team has compiled all laws in one Booklet of 105 pages, with easy language. In Nov 17 exam, 59 questions (out of 67) were from this single booklet by Human Peritus.

(2) HRM and OB: 8 questions were from Human Resources and Organizational Behaviour in Nov 2017. In 2015 exam, there were 10 questions. Moderate level of difficulty. We have prepared two booklets for this (one with 48 pages and other with 90 pages).

(3) Labour Welfare and Industrial Relations, Natural Justice: 15 questions from these topics in 2017 exam, while there were 20 questions in 2015 exam. Our experts have been working on these topics for last 7 years and know every possible question that can be created. With our one booklet of 72 pages, will make you score at least 75% in this section.

(4) Indian Constitution: 10 questions were from Indian Constitution in 2017 exam. In 2015 exam, there were 25 questions. The questions are not like Civil Services exam, where you need to have conceptual understanding/interpretation. Moderately Difficulty but again no thinking to be done. Just remember, what is written in Constitution. Two options are there to get more than 80% correct, One is to read through 500 pages of Laxmikanth or Second is 130 Pages of our Booklet.

(5) Mathematical Aptitude: 10 question in 2017 exam and 15 questions in 2015 exam. Simple mathematical aptitude questions (Bank PO level). The challenge is not that you do not know how to solve. The challenge is that you are not able to solve in given time (1 minute per question). Thus we have to save time somewhere else so that you can allocate 2-3 minutes for each question. This way, no one can stop you from getting more than 80% correct in this section. We have one booklet of 120 pages for practice questions.

(6) Current Events: 10 questions in 2017 exam and 5 questions in 2015 exam. Do not put in any effort in preparing for this. Marginal rewards of efforts required are not worth it. Ignore it.